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The Arabian Gulf States

Cruising the Gulf

UAE, Oman and Bahrain are now established destinations attracting discerning high-yield travellers from around the globe is also fast developing as the region's favourite port of calls for cruise passengers. Geographically the ports are well located for inclusion not only in Gulf itineraries but on Indian Ocean, Red Sea and round-the-world cruise routes.

UAE and Oman have always had a strong maritime tradition thanks to its excellent location on the southern-Arabian Gulf. Its harbours have welcomed traders and its shores have provided shelter for generations of seafarers.

Historically, principal Gulf coast ports and an important trading centres, Dubai and Muscat were known as the trading centres and were famous throughout the region for its courtesy and hospitality - a tradition that lives on even today.

Dubai - The Cruising Hub of the Gulf

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In particular, Dubai's growing popularity among the world travellers has resulted in the evolution of a well-respected mature tourism sector, supported actively by the government with its policy to invest in and encourage investment in tourism. Simultaneously, the government has taken a keen interest in developing infrastructure to assist this growth.

Today over 90 scheduled airlines connect Dubai International Airport with over 150 global destinations giving first-rate links to cruise passengers travelling both East and West. This ease of access together with realistic port dues and competitive bunkering costs, makes Dubai ideally placed to be an interchange point for fly/cruise programmes.

An increasing number of cruise ships are already choosing Dubai as an ideal and unique destination.

The quiet waters of Port Rashid provide a perfect alternative to the normally congested ports around the world. The newly opened (February 2001) Dubai Cruise Terminal at Port Rashid, conveniently located just minutes from downtown Dubai, is poised to become a major international cruise hub within the region. It can handle two ships simultaneously and has a unique flexible design to enable customization of passenger and baggage flows.

Dubai cruise terminal

Basing its procedures on in-depth research into the needs of cruise lines the world over, Dubai Cruise Terminal stresses friendliness and convenience, with minimum bureaucracy. Streamlined immigration and passenger manifest clearance, together with excellent tourist support infrastructure ensures smooth and efficient port handling. A well-integrated network of professional forwarding agents takes care of the necessary legal formalities.

In order to provide better customer service, the terminal features special facilities such as electric golf carts for the physically challenged, duty free shops, Internet access, currency exchanges, information centre, beautiful palm gardens, Arabian heritage and culture exhibits, a cafe and much more.

EET's destination specialists and its associates in the Gulf provide unrivalled services for cruise operators through our range of creative land programs. Ensuring that passengers, even if only on a brief visit to port of call, are able to enjoy a taste of the cultural, scenic, culinary, shopping, sporting and other attractions in the region. We organize passenger immigration, customs clearance, transportation, guided sightseeing tours, safaris, golf and other special interest activities, all tailor-made to meet the specific demands of different passenger groups. EET Destination Management enjoys all the advantages of a professional team of experienced multilingual field and office staff. Our unrivalled operations department employs uniformed staff, trained to the highest standards of service.

For land arrangements not only in the UAE but at other ports in the region, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Iran, contact us.