Bahrain Skyline at Night

Bahrain Skyline at Night



Here is the ultimate cultural odyssey of Arabia exploring some of the modern metropolises and lesser known regions of the Persian Gulf. This all-in-one exploratory at an unbeatable value for money offers you a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the transformation of Arabia from a barren desert region to an oil-rich kingdom of the Sheikhs, Emirs and Sultans.

This is a small group tour run by a team of EET destination specialists in each of the five countries offering the visitor a fascinating glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the Arabs and the man-made marvels of the contemporary Arabia. As we wander through emirate after emirate, from world renowned landmarks, oasis towns to mud-walled village dwellings, from traditional bazaars and exotic gardens to designer malls, museums filled with treasures of the ancient trading history and Bedouins of the past, we cover them all in this tour. What’s more, we even drive off road to wade through the rolling dunes of the Arabian sands and sample the life in the desert.

The highlights of this tour include UAE, a confederation of highly prosperous seven emirates on the Arabian Peninsula, Sultanate of Oman, a mystical land of contrasts, a mixture of the old and new and a fresh perspective of what was Arabia a few decades ago. Touring Kuwait was never an option for international travelers until recently and just over two decades after the end of the Gulf War, country now welcomes visitors. Our travels through the smaller Gulf States of Qatar and the island kingdom of Bahrain shows the discovery of oil have changed their traditional pearl fishing days towards modernization whilst keeping their cultural heritage and the Islamic influence intact.